As a company we are continuously researching, developing and expanding on our current rich bouquet of products and services. Any new products and services will be advertised on this website.

1. Starter Packs

We are one of the largest suppliers of starter packs in South Africa, supplying Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Virgin Mobile starter packs nationally. We purchase directly from the networks, and supply other cellular distribution companies, cash-and-carry merchants, retailers and informal dealers.

2. Physical Airtime Vouchers

Physical vouchers are utilised by the cash-and-carry stores and independent/informal dealers. Vouchers are delivered to our clients throughout South Africa (inland) by Prepaid Company representatives. Coastal and outlying regions place orders, and once payment has been received, their order is dispatched to them.

3. Virtual Vouchers

The virtual voucher is the ideal solution for most retail outlets, as this technology eliminates the need for retailers to order and hold “real/tangible” stock.

The voucher is provided electronically, in a logical format and is printed on demand at the retailer’s point of sale. The IT system sells the airtime value at the end-point. Stock is delivered electronically. Virtual vouchers are safe, secure and allow for real-time sales tracking, stock control and user security.

Airtime Voucher Denominations

4. Point of Sale Device

A point of sale is any hardware device which can be used to facilitate transaction processing. Our products are flexible and easily integrated into most hardware devices. Our distribution model has one central position from which all services originate. Various products are delivered into the market through different touch points. We offer out services through a wide range of mediums which include:

Point of Sale Systems: Terminals, Computerised Tills and Desktops (kiosks). Our subsidiaries have multiple ways to get to those touch points: hand-held POS devices, bulk printing devices and software, vending machines, touch-screen solutions and mobile applications.

Cell Phones: Regarded as an alternative form of touch point. Our subsidiary Sharedphone has revolutionized the empowerment of “ordinary” cellphone owners.

The Prepaid Company provides a variety of options to accommodate, for interfaces into 3rd party till systems. Such options are dependant on the operating system and network protocol of the respective retailer. Our companies are constantly developing new products and solutions for a variety of software and hardware platforms.

5. Value-Added Offerings - Point of Sale

The Prepaid Company, through its various subsidiaries, offer a host of additional services deliverable via the integrated point of sale or through standalone channels. These services are designed to provide our clients with the opportunity to generate greater revenue, whilst providing customers with added convenience.
  • Account payments
  • Traffic fine payments
  • SABC television licences
  • Alimony payments – Department of Justice
  • Prepaid funeral insurance
  • Prepaid electricity
  • Gift/loyalty/insurance card solutions – Transaction Junction/e-Voucha
  • Private label procurement cards
  • Ticketing
  • Cash withdrawals
  • EFT transaction management solutions – Transaction Junction
  • Payments solutions
  • Remittance