We are privileged to include amongst our partners: Cell C, MTN, Telkom, Virgin Mobile, Vodacom and Vo-Call

1. Cell C

Cell C has committed its organization to empowerment, thus reflecting the country’s demographics. Cell C focuses on making extensive use of local organisations and contractors to ensure that the funds get ploughed back into the South African economy. Cell C has no interest in offering standard products and services, thus making their unique benefits all the more attractive.

Cell C

2. MTN

MTN is a leading provider of communication services, offering cellular network access and business solutions. The MTN Group is listed in South Africa on the JSE under the Industrial Telecommunications sector.

The MTN Group is a multinational telecommunications group operating in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East. This major communications company is focused on the African continent and believes that economic empowerment is made possible through access to communication.


3. Telkom

Telkom is Africa's largest integrated communications company providing integrated communications solutions to an entire range of customers. Telkom's passion is to become world-class.


4. Virgin Mobile

When it comes to all things mobile - Virgin gives you more!!!

Virgin Mobile is a brand used by several mobile phone service providers operating in several countries namely: The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United States and France. The international Virgin Mobile businesses each act as independent entities. The Virgin Group provides the brand, and the phone company operates the network infrastructure.


5. Vodacom

Vodacom is a Pan-African cellular communications company providing a world class GSM service to more than 23 million customers in South Africa, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho and Mozambique. Vodacom is the market leader in all countries that it operates in with an exception of Mozambique. Vodacom has a 58% share of the South African market, Africa's largest and most profitable cellular market.


6. Vo-Call

Vo-Call aspires to become the largest and best integrated telecommuni-cations company in Southern Africa. Vo-Call strives to provide the best customer orientation, distribution, innovation, operating excellence and professional services. Together with Vodacom Vo-Call is able to offer both our contract and prepaid subscribers more innovative tariff plans and flexible loyalty services which will help people communicate and interact more efficiently.

Driven by our vision of becoming the national leader in prepaid products, services and transaction management solutions, we are proud to stable the following industry leaders, and call them Prepaid Company subsidiaries:

1. Activi

Activi Technology operates through 3 subsidiaries:

IT-EXPERTS (Proprietary) Limited (“ITEX”)
(Registration number 2006/024672/07) (100%)
ITEX specialises in the development of products, solutions and services, enabling the processing of secure electronic transactions across wired and wireless networks.

Transaction Junction (Proprietary) Limited
(Registration number 2004/072933/07) (60%)
Transaction Junction provides and develops a range of transaction pro-cess management products and services to facilitate secure electronic transaction payments.

Activi Deployment Services (Proprietary) Limited
(Registration number 1999/015131/07) (100%)
Activi Deployment Services provides financed and managed POS terminals to Blue Label Group customers, in order to facilitate the pro-cessing of electronic transactions. This is achieved through a national service and support team.


2. Comm Express Services

Comm Express was an early entrant into the prepaid market and has established itself as a market leader in the provision of electronic prepaid products and starter packs. Comm Express is unique in their approach, reaching the consumer through the establishment of association with independent retailers.

Comm Express has built a solid distribution channel through which they can control the reliable supply of electronic prepaid vouchers to the retailer by virtue of powerful management and monitoring systems. Comm Express has developed a wide range of POS solutions and devices that are dedicated to maximizing the potential of each retailer that it transacts with. Comm Express manufactures and distributes electronic vending machines.

The Comm Express research and development division focuses on the continuous development of existing products and the creation of new and innovative products.


3. Kwikpay

Kwikpay is a provider of electronic product applications and services to businesses and retail partners (clients include Spar and Clicks). Kwikpay has developed a successful integrated platform whereby airtime vouchers are dispensed directly from POS till points. Kwikpay operate a multi-application, vertically integrated service from POS to back office for transactional and financial switching solutions.


4. Oxigen India

Oxigen India was incorporated in 2004 as a joint venture between Blue Label Investments and Neptune Infocom Private Limited (Registra-tion number U74899DL2002PTC113743), an Indian investor consortium. In March 2006 CitiGroup acquired a 29.86% interest in Oxigen India and increased this interest in May 2006 with an additional 0.14% to an effective holding of 30%.

Oxigen India is an electronic distributor of numerous prepaid and post paid services, through a single platform in India. Oxigen India’s primary focus is the electronic distribution of prepaid airtime for the leading telecom operators in India.

Oxigen India provides a fully integrated solution for ordering and delivery of prepaid airtime, third party bill payments and other products in the retail environment in India.

Oxigen’s service partners / Oxigen’s retail partners


5. Shared Phone

SharedPhone developed the first SIM-card based GSM payphone appli-cation. The application is embedded on a SIM-card and allows a street vendor, equipped with a low cost GSM mobile handset to operate a public payphone and electronic airtime vending service.

SharedPhone’s products and services include value added services such as airtime, electricity, and insurance vending.


6. The Post Paid Company

TPPC sells post paid contracts and hybrid-contracts to pre-vetted / registered customer bases.


7. Ventury Group

Ventury is a multi-channel payment and transaction processing group of companies. Ventury provides virtual vouchers and prepaid products through their own terminals, which the company supplies to its clients.

The key subsidiaries of Ventury are:

Cigicell (Proprietary) Limited
(Registration number 1998/023249/07)(100%)
Cigicell is an electronic prepaid voucher distribution service provider and distributor of virtual prepaid airtime vouchers.There are more than 4 000 retail merchants using the Cigicell platform on a daily basis. Cigicell’s major customers include BP, Sasol and Shell, Caltex and Total petroleum forecourts.

iVeri Payment Technology (Proprietary) Limited (“iVeri”)
(Registration number 1998/006538/07) (51%)
iVeri is a developer and marketer of transaction acceptance tech-nologies. It provides services to Nedbank and other transaction pro-cessors in Africa that require card acceptance capabilities. The iVeri system is designed to conform to international card association require-ments and focuses its development initiatives on a multitude of merchant products that allow the card acquirer to aggregate transactions from all available mediums in a cost effective manner.


8. Virtual Voucher

Virtual Voucher is a fully integrated prepaid voucher management sys-tem operating at over 500 Engen petroleum forecourts. Virtual Voucher’s technologies are integrated directly into Engen POS systems, thereby circumventing the need to deploy physical terminals at the various sites. In addition, Virtual Voucher supplies terminals to sites where integrated till roll-out would be too expensive.